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“Raana is #1…”

Bless…that’s what my 90+ year old grandfather just told me on the phone!  He, my Uncle and dear Cousin T called to congratulate us about our decision to adopt.

My Uncle shared that he knew how much effort went into this journey because a friend of his had adopted.  I never heard that story before.

I think adoption has touched more people that we realize.


The word is out…Nothing but love!

In the past 4 days, we’ve managed to share our plans to adopt with our parents and siblings and a few friends!

Farhan and I are incredibly blessed Alhamdulillah…our family and friends responded soo incredibly warmly.  The most common response was Alhamdulillah (with the blessings of God) and Mubarak (congratulations), ofcourse.  Jazakum Allahu Khayran & Thanks…we appreciate everyone’s support!

Here’s a few of the more animated responses–so cute:

*Hana (niece) was incredibly smiley and extra talkative that night.  We especially loved her first question…”Does that mean you get to keep him forever?”  Bless.

*Yamaan (nephew) smiled really big and gave us each an even bigger hug

*Khadija (niece) had the biggest smile on her face (courtesy of Skype) and said “I want you all to come here right now…I’m soo excited, I can’t wait, I really can’t wait!”

*My Mom kept kissing and hugging her computer moniter (she’s in VA, we’re in Qatar).  I think it was tough for her to hear the news being so far away.  She offered to do night-feedings and to help in any way she could.  She said how she had been making sincere dua (prayer) for us and asked that we do a dua on the phone!  We obliged and asked her to lead…it was very sweet. I think my Dad was quietly very happy for us.

*My MIL was antsy when Farhan was working up to the actual news!  He prefaced it with our struggles with miscarriage and infertility.  Ammi practically jumped up, arms in the air and all, in excitement!  She’s very excited and offered to babysit and help with anything we need.

*My Father-in-Law’s response moved me to tears…after Farhan shared our plans he looked at us with his arms crossed and said in the most matter-of-fact manner…”and he will be our grandson…ofcourse

BabyMaghrib gets a facelift

I guess it kind of seems appropriate…when we hadn’t shared the news with our friends & families, the site was dark, as if we were in hiding.  Now that the word is out, the pressure lifted, it seemed appropriate to update the blog to signify the change.  It has the same functionality, just a different look. AND the photo in the header was taken by Farhan during our trip to Tangier (Tanger), Morocco last summer.  Enjoy!

Vote for your favorite name!

We’ve selected 4 names that we really like.  Vote for your favorite one by clicking here!  Scroll to the bottom of the page for the actual form.

We’d love to hear any suggestions you may have, as well.  You can send them to Raana[at] or post them in a comment below.

**UPDATE**  We removed the poll since we’ve decided on the name Ayoub.  Thanks for voting!

The Demand Draft worked!

Just heard from USCIS-Athens that the Demand Draft check was cashed on Feb.5….yay!

No word yet from the orphanage or USCIS for the I600-A approval.

We wait…

I600-A status update…not yet

My contact at the USCIS office in Athens was kind enough to reply to my email inquiry about an Application Receipt Number.  This number is used to track the status of an application on USCIS’ website.  Unfortunately, the status of an I600-A cannot be checked online.

She wrote that once our FBI fingerprints are cleared and our application (home study) are approved, they will notify us in writing.

So we wait…

Step 7a: I600-A’s European Tour

After our I600-A took a holiday around Europe (Doha-Paris-Frankfurt), it FINALLY made its way to the US Embassy in Athens, Alhamdulillah.

A day late, but it’s there 🙂

Step 7a: check