Monthly Archives: March 2010

BabyMaghrib gets noticed!

Farhan and I attended a blogging conference here in Qatar a few months back.  After which we decided to start this blog.  The organizers got in touch with the attendees recently to follow up on who’s blogging as a result of attending the conference.  Guess they liked our blog and wrote a little piece about it!  Check it out:

Thanks for the shout-out Brian!


Update from La Creche

I called our contact at La Creche (the orphanage in Tangier) a few days back.  The lady who is very sweet anyway, answered the phone and said “Ohhh, Raana!  How are you?  We’ve been thinking about you lately”.  Oh wow. This is pretty exciting, I thought!

We chatted for a bit and then I asked if there was any update on our case.  She said they will not have any update until they have a child to place with us.  It looks like they don’t have any available children in their care at the moment.

When the time is right, it will happen.