Monthly Archives: July 2010

Why no pictures?

Alot of folks have been asking us to post pics of Ayoub on the blog and Facebook.  We haven’t thus far and here’s why: Ayoub’s guardianship is an open, legal case here in Morocco.  We have been advised not to post any pictures or talk about our exact details during our stay.  Once we have legal guardianship of our little sunshine, we will definitely share him with the world!


Long time, no post!

Wow, it’s been a while since my last post!  Alot has happened so I’ll get right to it:

We had a wonderful visit with baby Ayoub during our 9 day trip to Tangier in April/May.  It was wonderful to get to know him and to interact with all of the other wonderful children in the orphanage.  They are all little blessings.

During our visit, we found out that there’s a 4 month wait to order to gain custody of Ayoub.  We could do one of 2 things:

1.  go back to Qatar and return when the 4 months were complete in order to take Ayoub home –or–

2.  I would return to Morocco and be with Ayoub during those 4 months.  Farhan would visit whenever he could.

We decided with option #2.  We’ve waited so long for Ayoub and consider him ours already, regardless of what legal paperwork says.

We both traveled back to Qatar.  After a week, I went to the US to get new Silver Envelope products manufactured for Ramadan and of course, shop for baby.  It was a great, hectic week!  Farhan and I met back in Tangier the next week and we got to take Ayoub home (to our rented apartment in Tangier).  I think we’ll be here until mid-September. Visitors are welcome and encouraged!

I’m going to back track with posts and let you know what’s happened since May (lots of fun stories), who’s been visiting, and which Emirati prince gave Ayoub his first monetary gift!

Until then…Lots of love from Raana and Ayoub