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Good news, finally!!

Mrs. Haddad informed us that the judge and ‘lajna’ will hold a special session tomorrow in order to give us the ‘tanfeed’ and make us officially Ayoub’s guardians.  Woohoo!


Strike 3

We met a gentleman who works at the Qatar embassy.  Long story short, we explained our situation and pleaded with him to give us a visa from his embassy and he wouldn’t budge.  We exhausted all of our options and Ayoub and I just won’t get passports and visas in time to make it Sarah’s wedding.  We’re very sad.

We also found out from Mrs. Haddad that the government workers are striking again tomorrow and won’t be able to receive our ‘tanfeed’.


Trying out luck, Part II

To give you a little background, once the certificate of abandonment for a child is received, adoptive parent’s documents are filed.  If approved, there’s a declaration (hokum) that the adoptive parents are the child’s guardians, and then a ‘tanfeed’ which is the actual execution of the declaration and is done before a ‘lajna’ (committee).  We are waiting on the ‘tanfeed’.

We asked a friend in Tangier politics to go with us to meet the judge to help with processing our ‘tanfeed’.   We were in the car and got a call from Mrs. Haddad who explained that because of the strike, the workers had gone away for the weekend (starting from Wednesday).  Their presence was necessary in order for the ‘tanfeed’ to be done.  So we realized that it wasn’t going to happen today.

Not getting the ‘tanfeed’ delayed getting the ‘permission to travel’ document and ultimately, the passport and Qatari visa.  I was determined to make it to Sarah’s wedding on the 8th so we decided to travel to the Qatari Embassy in Rabat next week to explain our situation and beg for a visa, if needed.

Let’s see what happens…

Trying our luck + I LOVE!

So, tomorrow we’re going to just show up at the courthouse with an influential government friend of ours to see if we can get something moving.  The crazy part is that the judgement has taken place for us to be Ayoub’s guardians, but we just need the paperwork.  Seems reasonable and easy enough? Fingers crossed.

Determined to be productive amidst our setback, I finally finished our registry at  With the help of Aliya Q, we registered for some great gear and goodies for Ayoub.  There’s this nifty feature that lets you add products from other sites in the registry.  While we chose a crib that’s a bit pricey, we were able to add chests of drawers from reasonably-priced Ikea.  How cool is that?  Only in the US can you find something so efficient!  Farhan’s office will ship all of our goodies out to Qatar most likely in the beginning or middle of November. I’m looking forward to having a house setup for a baby…and a car!

First things first…I pray we have a positive visit with the judge tomorrow.

Strike 2

Mrs. Haddad just informed us that the judge did not agree to see us on Friday.  His reason is that other people in his office are required to be present at a custody hearing and they do not work on Fridays.  We’ve put a call in to another person who might be able to make something happen.  We’re waiting to hear back now.

I’m very sad at the thought of missing Sarah’s wedding.  InshaAllah another door will open some where, some how!  Never in my dreams or plan-b planning did I see this one coming.

Strike 1

We just called Mrs. Haddad to make sure everything is set for tomorrow’s big day.  She told us that the courts are on strike tomorrow and Thursday.  This includes the judge who is meant to declare us Ayoub’s guardians tomorrow. Mrs. Haddad will try to get something pushed through on Friday which would be great, but isn’t definite.  Either way it throws off our very detailed schedule from my last post.

I’m so stressed out that I’ve just been laughing all morning (better than crying)!  What else can we do…we didn’t anticipate a strike!  We’ll make it through, inshaAllah.

Procrastinating and Planning

We’re going shopping tomorrow to pick up a few things I’ve had my eye on since I arrived in Tangier.  Mainly, a nice rug for Ayoub’s room and a few other decorations and clothes.  Yep, I completely procrastinated!  I had 3 months to get things together and I’m doing everything in the last week of my stay.

Farhan and I keep going over the schedule of events for the next 2 weeks.  Dates keep changing like when we’ll receive Ayoub’s passport.  It’s okay because we have planned everything out and have so many “plan B’s” in place that InshaAllah (God willing) we have a solution to any glitch we face!

This is the plan so far:

Tuesday 9/21: shopping and more planning, finish registry at &, arrange transport and tickets for Farhan’s quick trip to Qatar

Wednesday 9/22: CELEBRATION DAY! We get permanent legal custody of Ayoub (check back for pictures)

Thursday 9/23: Packing day, receive documents a) cert of abandonment  b) birth certificate  c) Kefala document  d) permission to travel

Friday 9/24: Travel to Rabat to have documents notarized by Qatari Embassy.  We’ll need those to apply for Ayoub’s Qatari visa.  We’ll then travel to Casablanca to have Ayoub’s medical exam.  He’ll need this for his visa interview at the US consulate next week.  I’ll travel back to Tangier this day.  Farhan will spend the night.

Saturday 9/25: Farhan travels to Qatar to apply for Ayoub’s visa.  Yep, Farhan has to be in the country at the time the visa is applied for.  We’re not sure when that will be because he can’t apply without Ayoub’s passport.   I will be hosting guests visiting from overseas who are interested in adopting from La Creche.  We met here on BabyMaghrib!

Monday 9/27: Apply for Ayoub’s Moroccan passport

Tuesday/Wednesday 9/28-9: Receive Ayoub’s passport. Fax a copy over to Farhan in Qatar.  He will then apply for Ayoub’s Qatari visa.

Thursday 9/30: Move out of this apartment and in with family friends. Farhan applies for Ayoub’s Qatari visa.

Sunday 10/3: Travel to Casablanca with Ayoub and our luggage.  Meet Farhan there.

Monday 10/4: Have appointment for Ayoub’s visa at US Consulate in Casablanca. We may receive his visa the same day, iA.

Tuesday 10/5: Travel to Qatar!

I hope all goes as planned.  Please keep us in your prayers as it’s going to be a hectic week.  I’ll be here alone with Ayoub, which, thankfully, isn’t as much of a challenge as it used to be.  Looking forward to it all!!