The Baby Maghrib family is growing!

A few people came across our blog and got in touch to get more info about adopting in Morocco.  I’m happy to say that 3 families are pursuing adoption in Morocco and one of those families even visited us and La Creche here in Tangier a week ago!

If you’re interested in adopting in Morocco (at La Creche in Tangier or in Meknes) I’d be happy to put you in touch with the people who can help you get started.


2 responses to “The Baby Maghrib family is growing!

  1. Hi
    Myself and my partner who is Morroccan and has family living in Tangier have been considering adopting from La Creche in Tangier. I would be very gratefull for all the information and advice you could give us! Also in the contact details to get started if we make our final decision to pursue this.
    Yours sincerely Iola
    PS we live in North Wales UK and visit my partner’s family every summer.

  2. I somehow ran across your blog and loved reading about your journey. We too are in the process of adopting from Morocco. We live in North Carolina in the US and are adopting from Meknes. Just mailed all our paperwork to be translated and hope to hear any day confirmation of our visas. We will have to make 2 trips- 1 to pick out our little package and then 6 wks later finalize everything in court. I received some disappointing news this week- we were supposed to make our first trip in a couple of weeks and found out today that due to the strikes in the courts, none of the babies have their abandonment documents so we will have to postpone our trip for another month if not longer. I keep telling myself it will all happen in good time when it is supposed to. I have done so much research on travel, places to stay, food, sights to see, etc. I absolutely can not wait to travel. It was so exciting to see your pictures! Thank you for sharing!

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