US Adoption Finalized. WOW!!!

Farhan, Ayoub and I were in a car in Virginia when we got the news that Ayoub’s US adoption was finalized, signed, stamped and sealed by a judge here in our little town in VA. Alhamdulillah! The finalization also means that Ayoub is now a US citizen. It was a unique independence day of sorts for our little family. I was hoping that it would happen around July 4th and it did!

We had actually forgotten about the fact that we were waiting to hear something from the lawyer. This process is a far cry from the Moroccan one where we were literally holding our breath until the adoption was complete. Ayoub and I went to the lawyer’s office to pick up the paperwork and of course I started crying when it was handed to me! There was a typo on the final order but it can be easily corrected (some info was incorrect). No big deal–the judge signed the paper and that was the most important thing!

This has been a long time coming and it feels fantastic to be able to check this off our steps list. WOW! Wow! Wow!

People have said in the past that these legal hurdles are no big deal and that once you lay eyes on your baby, he is yours in your heart. I absolutely agree. At this point it doesn’t even feel like Ayoub was adopted. He IS ours and one of the best things that has happened to me and us. However, this is part of the process and we are making progress and it feels great. It’s easy to get caught up in the mundane tasks of raising a child but it’s also important to stop and remember how precious this child is and how hard we worked to have him in our family. This is a quiet reminder.

As I was rocking him to sleep I just gazed at his lovely face and thanked God for the opportunity to be his Mama. Alhamdulillah.


18 responses to “US Adoption Finalized. WOW!!!

  1. Masha Allah it is great to get this news. Congratulations and blessed thanks to Allah (swt) in his great mercy to make all this possible.

  2. Mohammad Atiq

    This is just fantastic news.A news which was incredible before is now credible.His Dadi, Pum and I [ Dada ] are all sooooooooooooooo happy. Allah Almighty has at last paid for all your and Farhan’s hard work and efforts.Great, great thanks to Him and ALF MABROOK TO ALL OF YOU!!! SPECIAL LOVE FOR AYUB.



  4. Congratulations!!!! I’m so happy that you, Farhan and Ayoub found each other. That is truly naseeb.

    • Thanks, Mama Nina! It IS naseeb and we couldn’t be more happier…this is a dream come true for us, Alhamdulillah.

      And we couldn’t have done it without your help and support…We love you!

  5. Masha-Allah sister your baby is adorable ! subhana-Allah he looks as if he was your biological son ! Mubaarak insha-Allah …..
    I’m US citizen originally from Morocco ,my husband (originally from Pakistan)and I would love to adopt from Morocco but we have heard that the US embassy may not grant our baby a visa to US as we would be guardians and not adoptive parents to the child according to the Moroccan law .Did you have any issues in regard to this matter .Shukran !

    • Jazaki Allah Khayr…we are incredibly blessed, Alhamdulillah! Thank you for your comment.

      You shouldn’t be discouraged from adopting because your child may not get a visa to the US, that is completely untrue! In fact, I’ve met several people who have adopted from Morocco and had absolutely no issues. There is a process of filing an I600-A which in fact is advanced approval for your adopted child to receive a visa to the US. The great part is that you do all of the hard work ahead of time and when it’s time to take your child home, you have a simple interview at the embassy in Casablanca in the morning, and you pick up the baby’s visa in the afternoon.

      For more information about the process of adopting from Morocco as a US citizen, visit:
      If you have questions about terms like I600-A, visit:

      Good luck and please contact me if you have any further questions!

      • BarakaAllahu fik Ranaa for your prompt reply ,May Allah subhanahu wa taalaa bless you and your cute family !you message was very encouraging ! My husband and I are going ahead and doing salat al-istikharaa tonight insha-Allah..

  6. Istikhara is a great idea, Wafaa! InshaAllah, whatever is best for you. Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.

  7. Salaam alaikum, i don’t know if we might be running into a problem or not. but our adoption process is about to be completed and we still do not have our I171h ready. We don’t live in Morocco, we don’t live in the US either. We were told clearly that once the kafalat is completed that La Creche is no longer responsible for the kids. I will be leaving sooner than my wife back to work. She will be staying there. I can not take the kids to Saudi Arabia (at least not yet), and I don’t know if the wife can leave the kids in the care of La Creche until we get this I71H issue taken care of. Does anyone have any advice?

    • Zafar, I know my reply is very tardy, but have you had any luck with getting your child home?

      • Wow I forgot I even wrote this. Yes finally the kids are here in Saudi. They came about 4 months ago. It was and still is extremely difficult and very rewarding at the same time. They are a handful and very rambunctious. We are glad they are home now!

  8. Sorry let me rephrase that. Our kafalat from Morocco is about to be completed, not our adoption process.

  9. another thing, i find it extremely unfair that the child that we are going to raise, who was ABANDONED, and whose father is not known you know what i mean by that, does not get to have my family name. Astaghfirullah if I have sinned for saying this, but it just doesn’t feel right. Those who have been to La Creche know the stories I am talking about. Yet I don’t get to have him as a full member of my house.

  10. Wow I forgot I even wrote this. Yes finally the kids are here in Saudi. They came about 4 months ago. It was and still is extremely difficult and very rewarding at the same time. They are a handful and very rambunctious. We are glad they are home now! 🙂

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