Moroccan adoptions suspended

This is quite old news, but I thought I’d put it on here for those who don’t know.  The Moroccan government has put a moratorium on non-Moroccan citizens and residents from adopting Moroccan children.  If you are a citizen or have residency permit to live in the country, you may adopt, regardless of nationality or religion.

This is just one of the many articles that has more information online:

I hope and pray that this gets reversed very soon.



6 responses to “Moroccan adoptions suspended

  1. I am double minded about the ruling. However if I have to choose, I would side with the Moroccan government. I have seen countless number of non-Muslims adopt and then raise the kids as non-Muslims. It would be a good idea for Muslims to adopt from Morocco (and in other Muslim countries as well) but I don’t see a drastic increase in that.

  2. I hope and pray that the Moroccan Government will soon reverse the above decision. I can understand there may have been times where non-muslims have converted to Islam just so that they could adopt a child from Morocco. I also feel very strongly that Muslim families who have previously adopted a child from Morocco and have a proven successful record should be able to adopt another child.

    Anjum Smith

  3. We are British Muslims who have successfully adopted a child from Morocco but were disappointed to hear of this suspension as we were ready to embark upon our second journey to adopt a second child from Morocco. Please keep update this blog if you have any updates.
    Rabiya and Muhammad

    • Thanks for your comments Rabiya. And congrats on your adoption, mashaAllah! We are like you and would like to add to our family. It’s a shame about the suspension. I really hope they lift it soon. I will post any updates here as soon as I hear anything.

      All the best!

  4. I was told by an adoption agency that they are beginning to process applications for Moroccon adoptions under the new guidelines. These new guidelines require that adoptive parents must be either (in order of priority):

    1. A Moroccon citizen/resident
    2. A lifelong practicing Muslim
    3. A Muslim convert having practiced a minimum 2-3 years

    Can anyone confirm this? Again, I learned this from an adoption agency; however I have not seen this information elsewhere.

    Kind regards,


  5. Would you sign the petition to open Morocco adoption for muslims and help someone trying to send a letter to the Minister of Justice of Morocco.

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