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Moroccan Requirements for Adoption

The BabyMaghrib family keeps growing!

I just received an email with 2 beautiful photos. The first is of a little girl with a wonderful head of brown hair and big curious eyes sitting in a bouncy seat. The second is of her swimming for the first time with her father and big sister. The 3 of them had HUGE smiles on their faces, MashaAllah. It melted my heart to see who the photos were from…RZ…one of the families who used this blog to gather information on how to get in touch and ultimately adopt the beautiful little girl in the photos from La Creche in Tangier, Morocco. I had the opportunity to speak with RZ a few times before she traveled to Morocco and I’m so delighted that everything worked out for her and her family.

Congratulations RZ! Wishing you a lifetime of health, happiness, and love!!


The Baby Maghrib family is growing!

A few people came across our blog and got in touch to get more info about adopting in Morocco.  I’m happy to say that 3 families are pursuing adoption in Morocco and one of those families even visited us and La Creche here in Tangier a week ago!

If you’re interested in adopting in Morocco (at La Creche in Tangier or in Meknes) I’d be happy to put you in touch with the people who can help you get started.

Ayoub’s first day in court

Today we were meant to receive Ayoub’s ‘permission to travel’ document which would allow us to apply for his passport.  I met Mrs. Haddad at 9 and we went to the courthouse together.  I didn’t realize we’d actually be in a courtroom in front of a judge!  MashaAllah, Ayoub was soo good and only made a few cute coos.  A few documents were missing from our file and I think the judge was a little annoyed at that!  I just stood beside Mrs. Haddad holding Ayoub with a big, nervous smile on my face that just shouted “please give us our permission so we can apply for the passport”!  In the end, permission was granted, but a junior judge needed to write the letter.  His secretary is swamped and wasn’t too keen on getting to the letter today.  If we can get the letter by 4pm today, we can still apply for the passport.  If not, we’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

I’m also waiting for documents from Mrs. Haddad so that I can travel to the Qatari embassy in Rabat to have them notarized.  I’ll then send them to Farhan in Qatar and he will apply for Ayoub’s Qatari visa.

I think I’m going to just stop planning!  As much as I love to be organized, it’s so disappointing when things don’t go as planned.  I have an idea of what needs to be done so I’ll just figure things out when I actually need to.

Lots of waiting, hoping, patience, and praying!

It’s Official!!

We're officially Ayoub's Parents!

It's Official!

Ayoub and Farhan

Our little Sunshine!

We’re officially Ayoub’s parents, Alhamdulilah!  We just returned from court where the adoption papers were signed and stamped by the local judge. Ayoub turns 7-months today, as well.  It’s a very mubarak (blessed) day for our family.

Farhan and I would like to thank everyone for their support, duas, prayers, and love during this time.  A special thank you  goes to the folks from La Creche who worked and worried as hard as we did that all would go smoothly amidst the strike.  It all paid off!

Now, on to the passport, Qatar visa and US visa.  Ayoub and I hope to be back in Doha around October 16, and in the US around Thanksgiving time, God willing.

Step 10: Check.

Good news, finally!!

Mrs. Haddad informed us that the judge and ‘lajna’ will hold a special session tomorrow in order to give us the ‘tanfeed’ and make us officially Ayoub’s guardians.  Woohoo!

Strike 3

We met a gentleman who works at the Qatar embassy.  Long story short, we explained our situation and pleaded with him to give us a visa from his embassy and he wouldn’t budge.  We exhausted all of our options and Ayoub and I just won’t get passports and visas in time to make it Sarah’s wedding.  We’re very sad.

We also found out from Mrs. Haddad that the government workers are striking again tomorrow and won’t be able to receive our ‘tanfeed’.


Trying out luck, Part II

To give you a little background, once the certificate of abandonment for a child is received, adoptive parent’s documents are filed.  If approved, there’s a declaration (hokum) that the adoptive parents are the child’s guardians, and then a ‘tanfeed’ which is the actual execution of the declaration and is done before a ‘lajna’ (committee).  We are waiting on the ‘tanfeed’.

We asked a friend in Tangier politics to go with us to meet the judge to help with processing our ‘tanfeed’.   We were in the car and got a call from Mrs. Haddad who explained that because of the strike, the workers had gone away for the weekend (starting from Wednesday).  Their presence was necessary in order for the ‘tanfeed’ to be done.  So we realized that it wasn’t going to happen today.

Not getting the ‘tanfeed’ delayed getting the ‘permission to travel’ document and ultimately, the passport and Qatari visa.  I was determined to make it to Sarah’s wedding on the 8th so we decided to travel to the Qatari Embassy in Rabat next week to explain our situation and beg for a visa, if needed.

Let’s see what happens…