La Creche

La Creche de Tanger, front view

front view

La Creche de Tanger toddler room

toddler room

At the Baby Nursery (“La Crèche de Tanger”) there are 40 children between 0 and 11 years who are waiting to be adopted. 4 of them are autistic children, 2 are suffering from hydrocephalus and a few more have certain handicaps. Most of the children have been living at the Nursery since their birth. In most cases the reason is that they are children of unmarried mothers which is not acceptable in Moroccan society. Just a few of the children have joined La Crèche at a later moment because of social reasons.

baby room

baby room

another toddler room

another toddler room

There are sufficient families who want to adopt a child, however there are often long delays to deal with all the legal issues. Boys generally stay for a longer time at the centre as girls are more popular for adoptions. Handicapped children usually don’t find anyone to adopt them. Most families who adopt the children are from Morocco or Spain. According to Moroccan law all adoptive parents have to be of Muslim religion.

The daily routine is usually as follows: The kids get up at 5 in the morning, they will then take a shower and get dressed. After breakfast, they will leave the centre to go to school at 7:30. The autistic children will be picked up by a special bus. The smaller children will stay at the centre and the volunteers will play with them. In the summertime (starting 15th of May) there will be daily swimming at the centre’s swimming pool.

After swimming they will take another shower and will then have lunch. At around 2:40 p.m. they will do siesta until around 5 p.m. At around 3 p.m. the older kids return from school. They will then do their homework and the younger children will play again.

Information Source and photos: World Unite Volunteer Progam


16 responses to “La Creche

  1. AA, your info is very informative, looks very clean and regimented, masha allah. I’m up for fajr.
    Insha allah baby Ayoub will come home with you all soon.

    Take care, not too many days before you both leave for this precious journey to meet your baby, iA
    love mom

  2. My wife Jo and I adopted our beautiful son from this creche. Naima is nothing less than a ‘saint’ in our eyes. More than 3,000 young children have been found homes by her; and she knows every one of their names, you can see their polaroids adorning her office wall.
    We adopted our son in 2006 and brought him back to England where he has thrived into a beautiful young boy, starting school this week. The journey was long, we converted to Muslim, we had to go through so many hoops in our own country and Morocco, but at the end, we were given the greatest gift you will ever receive.

    • Dear Robert
      I would love to be able to email you about this. We are an English Family and we live in Marrakech we are Moroccan Residents I would like to adopt through Kafala could you let me know the process or the phone number of Naima at Le Creche Tangier as I cannot seem to find it on the web.

      How was the transition to adopted parents was it hard?

      Thank you Emma

  3. I am American, was married to a Moroccan and converted in Marrakech. I am very interested in adopting since I love Morocco and have been there a number of times since I was a teenager with my parents. Please feel free to send me any and all advice possible. I may be getting divorced again. This spouse doesn’t want children which was made clear when we got married.

    Please send me information and advice Thank You

  4. I have done some volunteer work at la creche for the past year, and i have taken some of my friends and family there too. We all say the same, “what a amazing eye-opener”. We all get goosebumps when we go there; it’s such a special place. The ladies there are so nice and ever so patient. I’m only 16 right now, but i wish to adopt when i grow up, and i have encouraged many women to go to la creche to adopt.
    I just wanted to say thankyou so much for having me there, and letting me work with such wonderful people and adorable children.

    • I would love to do some voluntary work at the creche, please does any one know how i can go about this ? i am a convert to islam for the past 12 years also.


      • Thanks for writing!

        You can call La Creche directly and speak to Haja Naima (she speaks English, French, and Arabic). The number is +212 5399 33166. Good luck!

  5. Thank you Raana, i will call her.


    sw Rana my husband and i would like to adopt from La Creche inshaallah my husband is algerian and i am a english convert of 9 years we would like to come to morocco within the next 2 weeks inshaalah to visit La Creche we would so much like to give a home to a child sw jill&tahar Bachir-Bey

    • Dear Jill:

      Walaikum Assalam and thank you for your message. I wanted to let you know that I don’t live in Morocco nor am I affiliated with La Creche. If you’d like to arrange a visit, I suggest you contact them directly to set something up.
      La Creche de Tangier (Director’s Assistant)
      +212 53 9933166

      Best of luck on your journey to your little one, InshaAllah!

      Take care,

      • Please tell me if Niama is still there. I hsve called and cannot reach her. We adopted a baby boy from there 🙂

  7. Thank you for this site you are helping a good many families and children xx


    • Dear Mehmood:

      Once you read through the information on this blog (especially the steps & how to adopt) and then you still have questions, I’d be happy to answer them.

      Best wishes!

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