La Creched donation requests

La Creched donation requests

When Farhan and I visited the orphanage (La Creche de Tanger), we asked the staff how we could support them.  They handed us a very nicely typed document with details of the items they needed (picture to the left).  What they need most is money since the orphanage (and nurses/staff salaries) is funded completely by donations.   I have visited La Creche and found it to be a wonderful refuge for children and a place worthy of donations.  Money they receive is being put to very good use.

Here’s a translation of the document:

Here Are Our Needs

Money in cash (cons rebate received) or check on behalf of de l’asociation La Creche de Tanger,

Or Money Order  (Bank Account No. 007640 000000615430038397 Agency bank Agency Attijariwafa Tangier Medina 615)

in order to pay for:
The salaries of nurses who care for babies 24 hours / day;
milk and flour, food, drugs, tests – Radios – Scanners, diapers, bottles, clothes, toiletries, cleaning products, repairs and purchase of any product necessary for the Creche .

Food Products:
Milk Guigoz first age, Nestle Rice, Cerelac Honey, Cerelac Wheat, Milk Powder Nido Milk
Nan HA, Milk Nan HR, Norcia, Pre Norcia, Isomil Milk.
Yogurt (Dannon, Petit Suisse), Mineral Water.
Vegetables, Eggs, Fish, Meat, Fresh Fruits: Bananas, apples, ect …

Toiletries for babies:
Disposable diapers, shampoo, perfume, baby cream, cotton swab,
Kleenex, ect …

Cleaning products, cleaning, washing and hygiene:

Ariel, Omo Matic Sanicroix, Detergent (Tide), bleach, Ajax, ett .. ,

Equipment and machinery:

Bottle sterilizers, ect …

Thank you for your help and your support


2 responses to “Donate

  1. Hi I would like to visit the orphanage when I come to tangier in August . Would this be possible ? Many thanks

    • Layla, it’s great that you want to visit! I don’t live in Tangier, nor am I affiliated with the orphanage. You’ll want to contact them directly. I’ve sent you an email with their phone number. Best wishes!

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