How to Adopt & Fees

Contact at La Creche

La Creche de Tanger (Director’s Assistant):

Documents needed to start the adoption process and file for Kefala (guardianship)

  1. Home Study (you should start this ASAP as it takes a few months)
  2. copy of passports
  3. copy of birth certificate
  4. copy of marriage certificate
  5. police clearance from your home state
  6. lots of passport sized photographs (easy to get in Tangier)
  7. certificate of being Muslim*
  8. certificate of employment and salary ^
  9. Moroccan police clearance*^
  10. health clearance*^

*Should be obtained from Morocco. Fatima Haddad or the people at La Creche will assist you in obtaining these.

^Must have been generated no more than 3 months before you file the Kefala paperwork.

Child placement with families is on a referral basis. Once you submit your completed home study, the necessary documents, and their information form (simple name, address, etc.), they will place you in a queue for receiving a baby. Once a child becomes available, they will send you a referral (photo and info). If you choose to accept that child, you will then travel to Morocco to complete the adoption. The process should take about 4 weeks.


This is a sample fee breakdown for a US expat international adoption:

I-600A with supporting documents: $670 + courier fees

-Copy of passport (notarized): Notary fee (usually free from your bank)

-Fingerprints on form FB-258: this can vary depending on where you get your fingerprints taken. Range: $10-$50

-Marriage certificate: approximately $15 (depending on what your state charges)

-Home study: approximately $2,000 + notary fee

-Medical Statement (signature notarized): Notary fee

-Letter of Employment (signature notarized): Notary fee

-Financial letter with supporting documents (signature notarized): Notary fee

-Birth certificate: $15 (varies by state)

-Marriage certificate: $15 (varies by state)

-Reference letters: no fee

-State clearance (must be a fingerprint check): varies by state: $60

-Qatar clearance: $30

-Child Abuse Registry Check: $50

HS certification: varies by agency: $1,500 + courier fees

Documents needed for Moroccan process (in addition to what is included in hs)

-Certificate of Islam: $30/person

-12+ photos of each parent: $5

File form DS-230 at the US Embassy in Casablanca: $373 + $74

Moroccan social worker’s fee: 1,000 Euros (may vary by case or change) + $500 translation fees

US re-adoption (attorney fees): about $2,500

Lodging and food in Morocco: approximately $500/month housing + $300 food (moderate price, family of 2)

Travel to/from Morocco: approximately $1,000/person

Total: $12,102

Note: Our process took 4.5 months because I chose to stay in Morocco 3 months before Ayoub was released for adoption by the courts. We were so excited to have a child and couldn’t wait 3 months to be with him full time! (There were no issue of establishing residency as with orphanages in other Moroccan cities).
And then there was a government strike which delayed the process by 10 days bringing our total time there to 3 month (we chose to be there) and 6 weeks (4 for adoption process (we only had to be in country for 2 of those weeks) + 10 day gov’t strike delay).

How did we manage this? I run an online company so my work is portable. My husband stayed in Qatar to work and visited us every month. He was in Tangier toward the end of our stay when we both needed to appear before the Moroccan judge and at the US Embassy to get Ayoub’s visa to travel to the US.


20 responses to “How to Adopt & Fees

  1. Félicitation pour cette merveilleuse aventure!!!! Ayoub est trés mignon
    Nous habitons en France et nous avons aussi adopter un petit garçon OMAR en Avril 2008 à la créche de Tanger ( que nous avons rencontré à trois semaines et qui aujourd’hui 3ans)
    J”ai découvert votre blog qui m’a fait chaud au coeur car mon fils vient de la créche de Tanger, je connais aussi trés bien Fatima Haddad;
    A bientot ciao

  2. Hello again,

    So I should have my homestudy done by month end and have all of my other documents. I will be sending everything to get the I600 application going but my question to you is I see you note that these signatures must be notarized. Do they get notarized in Morocco or in the US? Thank you.

    • Hi Ivonne:
      Thank you for your message! Congratulations on completing your homestudy (in advance)! I know it’s a great feeling to have completed such a large chunk of your adoption process. The next big chunk is waiting!

      Regarding your question, it is your signature that must be notarized wherever you are. If you are overseas, I believe the US embassy is the best place to have something notarized, especially if you are sending a document to a US agency. If you are in the US, you may have a signature notarized in various places including banks

      I hope this answers your question. If there’s anything further I can help with, please let me know.

      Best wishes,

  3. Hi Ranaa

    We are abput to start the HSR process here in Singapore and would very much like to adopt from La Creche. Can you email me at I have a few questions to ask re the process.

    Thanks & Salam


    • Ana, if you’re still in the process or have questions, you may send any questions you have for me through this blog and I will respond as soon as I can.

  4. Raana,

    I feel so blessed to have found you, thank you again for all your guideance and support.

    So, my homestudy is approved and I have all the documents ready to mail off for my I-600A which should take 2 months.

    While I am waiting, do you recommend I submit all the other documents to get translated in Morocco? I have a list of the documents and didn’t see the I-600A as one of those items that would hold that process up.

    In your opinion, should I do them both simultaneously to speed up my process?

    2nd question – The only document I am missing is the ‘police clearance from my home state’. What exactly is that and how do I obtain?

    I was fingerprinted to get the homestudy and have the DOJ and FBI approval, but none are my state. What do you think?

    Thank you in advance for your continued support and guideance.


  5. Hello Raana,

    I hope you are well. Thanks for publishing such an informative and interesting blog! My husband and I are just beginning the adoption process with an agency in the US. We were wondering if you have a copy of the reconversion form and if you would be willing to share it so we can get it translated. I understand that this form is in Arabic and we want to know what it says before we sign it. Thanks so much. Take care.


  6. i didnt get wat is the home study i am very much interested in adopting a child from morrocco so whom to contact and how to go about it do tell me i have been married frm last 4 years and my wife had 5 miscarages and for us having our own child is highly unlikely so we want to adopt kindly guide me. I am an Indian national workin in qatar from last 14 years so do let me know if its possible that we can adopt

    your prompt reply is highly appreciated

    best regards


    • Minhaj: Please visit the “lingo” page for an explanation of what a home study is. For a step-by-step guide on how to adopt, please visit the “steps” page. Both pages are on the blog.

      Best wishes!

  7. Hello again Raana,
    I have a few more questions and am hoping for your guideance. We are getting really close, and are very excited and humbled all in one.

    Our homestudy is done and we’re waiting for our I600A to be approved. While we wait:

    1. Do you recommend I submit all the other documents to get translated in Morocco?

    2. The only document I am missing is the ‘police clearance from my home state’. What exactly is that and how do I obtain? I was fingerprinted to get the homestudy and have the DOJ and FBI approval, but none are my state. What do you think?

    3. Which city do you recommend we fly into?

    4. Can you recommend a place to rent? We, most likely will have to make 2 trips since we have our daughter in school.

    Thank you again for all your support. I hope your little one is happy, healthy, and thriving.

    Blessings, Ivonne

  8. Sumayya Limbada

    I am from South africa,Durban, and keen to adopt a morrocan baby as I am tld that it is relatively easier than in my home country as well as other countries.

    I would like to know how to go about it in South Africa adopting in Morrocco?
    I was told they dont easily grant adoptee parents a baby girl, is this true as we would ideally love to have alittle girl in our home. we wouldnt mind a baby boy either, but it would be lovely as all the kids born in the family have been boys over the last 12 years.

    I am very keen to breast feed as well due to the mahram/ghair mahram rules in Islam, which is very seriously taken.
    Jazakallah Khair

    • Dear Sumayya: Thank you for your comment and please forgive the very, very, delayed reply!

      As far as the rules of adopting in South Africa, I am not familiar. I’m sure you would start with getting some kind of approval to bring the baby back into the country with you (That’s what we do in the US). Regarding the sex of the child, girls are not normally as abandoned as boys are in Morocco. This is based on what I saw during my 5 month stay there and from talking to the ladies who run the orphanage.

      The advice I would give you is to go into an adoption with an open mind and an open heart. You never know what you’ll encounter or what Allah has deemed best for you. And it may not be easy, but if you have the right intention, then it will go smoothly inshaAllah.

      Regarding breastfeeding, I was able to nurse Ayoub and I’ve provided links in this blog on how to do it. You should always consult your doctor before taking any type of medication.

      Please let me know if you have further questions.

  9. Is this still active?

    • Yes, Hina, this blog is still moderated. While our adoption is complete, Alhamdulillah, I still answer questions people may have about adopting from Morocco, as a Muslim, and as an expat living abroad. Let me know if I can help!

  10. Can anyone help me! Apart from the normal documents, islamic conversion, birth certificate mRriage certificate doctor pay slips pasports and police previous! Where or how do i get started in the process should i contact moroccan social worker or orphanage or how to get ball rolling. I am going to morocco first week in september and would like to start the ball rolling. Thanks

    • Contact the Moroccan social worker first. She’ll guide you through the process. You will need a home study from your home country so you’ll want to start on that, as well.

  11. Hello there Raana: thank you for creating this wonderful resource. It so helpful. I would love to adopt from La Creche. I am Moroccan who was born in Tangier, raised in Germany (I have a German Passport) but I live in the States (I am a green card holder). Should I start the home study in Germany or in the US? I love in San Francisco. Shukran sister 🙂

    • Hello and thanks for getting in touch. Since you reside in the US and will bring your child back there, you should do your homestudy in the US. Best of luck!

  12. You cannot adopt with a green card. One parent must be a US citizen

  13. Is Tangier open to adoption again? It was closed after Minister Ramid’s circular. Is it lifted?

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