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Ayoub’s first day in court

Today we were meant to receive Ayoub’s ‘permission to travel’ document which would allow us to apply for his passport.  I met Mrs. Haddad at 9 and we went to the courthouse together.  I didn’t realize we’d actually be in a courtroom in front of a judge!  MashaAllah, Ayoub was soo good and only made a few cute coos.  A few documents were missing from our file and I think the judge was a little annoyed at that!  I just stood beside Mrs. Haddad holding Ayoub with a big, nervous smile on my face that just shouted “please give us our permission so we can apply for the passport”!  In the end, permission was granted, but a junior judge needed to write the letter.  His secretary is swamped and wasn’t too keen on getting to the letter today.  If we can get the letter by 4pm today, we can still apply for the passport.  If not, we’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

I’m also waiting for documents from Mrs. Haddad so that I can travel to the Qatari embassy in Rabat to have them notarized.  I’ll then send them to Farhan in Qatar and he will apply for Ayoub’s Qatari visa.

I think I’m going to just stop planning!  As much as I love to be organized, it’s so disappointing when things don’t go as planned.  I have an idea of what needs to be done so I’ll just figure things out when I actually need to.

Lots of waiting, hoping, patience, and praying!