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The BabyMaghrib family keeps growing!

I just received an email with 2 beautiful photos. The first is of a little girl with a wonderful head of brown hair and big curious eyes sitting in a bouncy seat. The second is of her swimming for the first time with her father and big sister. The 3 of them had HUGE smiles on their faces, MashaAllah. It melted my heart to see who the photos were from…RZ…one of the families who used this blog to gather information on how to get in touch and ultimately adopt the beautiful little girl in the photos from La Creche in Tangier, Morocco. I had the opportunity to speak with RZ a few times before she traveled to Morocco and I’m so delighted that everything worked out for her and her family.

Congratulations RZ! Wishing you a lifetime of health, happiness, and love!!


About La Creche (the orphanage)

I added a page to the blog that talks a little about a normal day in the orphanage and includes some pictures. I also added a page “How to Donate” that describes their needs and how/what you can contribute.

Please take a minute to check it out, thanks!

Baby Ayoub

It is with the utmost gratitude to the Creator to let you know that on April 12, we received our referral.  This means that the orphanage has matched a child to us!  InshaAllah we will travel to Morocco to meet him around May 1 and we are incredibly excited!

Farhan and I have been extremely humbled and blessed by our adoption process.  We still have a long road ahead of us and ask that you continue to keep us in your prayers.  We appreciate all of your love and support and look forward to sharing more of this amazing journey with you as it unfolds iA!

Step 8: check!

Step 6: Translation, Technology & Tangier

After catching up on some phone calls with dear friends last night, I receive an email from Fatima at La Creche in Tangier around midnight!  I was so excited to read it, but since it was in French I had no idea what it said.  I thought about waking dh up, but decided not to.  As I was searching the internet for a translation service, I came across Google translate.  Best thing ever!

This is what the letter said:

Assalam ou alikoum,
J’ai le plaisir de vous communiquer que nous sommes ravis de vous avoir parmis les familles sollicitant la kafala des enfants de notre crèche.
Vous étes bien sur la liste d’attente à Tanger. Nous attendons votre agrément pour que la présidente vous assigne un enfant.

And this is the translation:

Assalam ou alikoum,
I am pleased to inform you that we are delighted to have you among families seeking kafala children of our nursery.
You’re well on the waiting list in Tangier. We await your approval for the president assigns you a child.

So, I sent a reply back with our home study and other requested docs (they informed us on our last trip) in English, French, and Arabic! AND I ended up using transferbigfiles.com since the files were 8+MB.

Gotta love technology.

Step 6: check