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Oh Happy Days!

Farhan just arrived in Tangier from Doha!!  We haven’t seen each other since June 27 and it felt like forever!  Ayoub took right to him and they had fun playing all afternoon.

Today marks the passing of a major milestone.  I had a difficult time in June thinking about the remaining days I have here in Morocco.  I decided to just take each days as it comes and enjoy the time I have with Ayoub.  I remember saying at the end of June that I just need to get through July, and today is August 4, thank goodness!  Time is passing quickly and it’s only a matter of time before we can head home.   We still don’t know exactly when that will be, but our target is to be in Doha by October 5 at the latest, just in time for Sarah’s (Farhan’s sister) wedding.

I look forward to sleeping late while Farhan’s here and a quick trip to Spain to renew my Moroccan visa.

Oh happy days ahead!